Facial Treatments

Our Facial Treatments are customized to target specific needs with the help of advanced skincare products + latest non-invasive technology that will help you hydrate and nourish the skin.​

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Healthy Skin

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin on the face. A customized chemical solution is applied to the skin that causes it to exfoliate and eventually peel off.

The new, regenerated skin has improved texture and brightness.

Mandelic Acid Peel

A red carpet/lunchtime gentle peel for sensitive and rosacea prone skin. It diminishes redness, improves skin color, texture and pore size.

Jessner Peel

A brightening peel that addresses signs of premature aging, skin tone, radiance and sun spots/hyperpigmentation.


A medium depth retexturizing peel meant to address moderate pigmentation, deeper lines, wrinkles, texture issues, pore size, tone and firmness.

Pyruvic Peel

For oily skin that helps with texture and large pores, anti-aging, mild pigmentation and hormonal breakouts.


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Permanent Makeup

Mindy, our permanent makeup expert can enhance your eyes, eyebrows, and lips by creating definition, correcting uneven lines, and adding youthful fullness to your features.

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Skin Tightening--Ultherapy

We use Ultherapy for skin tightening it is the only non-invasive treatment cleared by the FDA to actually lift skin. Ultherapy is also the only cosmetic procedure to use ultrasound imaging, which allows practitioners to see the layers of tissue targeted during the treatment to ensure the energy is deposited to where it will be most beneficial.

With the addition of the new Ultherapy Décolletage Treatment Ultherapy is also now the only non-invasive procedure specifically indicated by the FDA to improve line and wrinkles on the chest.

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Vampire Procedures

The Vampire FaceLift®

The Vampire FaceLift® is a custom-designed procedure that combines the science of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, such Juvederm®, the technology of PRP and the artful eye of a skilled physician to deliver youthful, natural beauty that is as unique as you are. The dermal filler is used to create the shape by restoring volume lost in the aging process. The PRP is used to stimulate the regenerative process of the skin, creating younger skin that glows with vitality.

The Vampire Facial®

The Vampire Facial® is a very simple yet incredibly effective strategy for rejuvenating the face. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from your own blood is applied and worked into the skin with a professional micro-needling tool. The micro-needling tool creates micro punctures in the skin, thus activating the collagen and elastin cascades to create new cells and rejuvenation. The PRP is used to simulate stem cells that exist in the face.

PRP is rapidly becoming one of the most useful natural treatments in aesthetics. Each of these procedures promises to turn back the hands of time. With this technique, isolating elements from the blood, which can then be injected below wrinkles, folds and even acne scars, can rejuvenate the skin. Because PRP is extracted from your own blood, it alleviates the risk of allergic reaction or skin sensitivity.

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